HP released the new 1020/1005 laser printer: flashing toner cartridge, filling only 15 seconds

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At present, most laser printers use traditional consumables such as toner cartridges. Maintenance methods such as changing ink and changing toner cartridges are time consuming and cumbersome. Recently, HP released a new generation of 1020 printers and 1005 printers. This series of products can achieve 15 seconds of powder filling with breakthrough smart flash-filled toner technology. It has greatly eliminated customers' concerns about the cost of subsequent printing, and has also overturned the traditional perception of toner replenishment.

HP's old model 1020/1005 was launched in 2005, and the cumulative sales of the two printers exceeded 10 million units. And HP's new generation 1020/1005 & rdquo; create a series of intelligent flash laser printers to maintain the original high quality, just use the smart flash toner box to quickly fill the powder. The filling process takes only 15 seconds and the operation is simple and convenient. Large-capacity powder bin design, you can easily play 5000 pages with two times of filling. If the average print volume is 200 pages per month, the customer does not have to replace the consumables for two years.


In addition to creating a series of smart flash printers, at this conference, HP also released the Hui Cai series of printers, sharp series laser printers, Huishang series color MFPs, a total of 4 series of 32 new products, comprehensive Expand HP's array of commercial printer products to meet customers' needs for color, large volume, and mobile connectivity in different scenarios. Among them HP; Hui Cai series; even for wireless printing integrated machine can achieve 8000 color pages mass play, and WeChat print one-click sharing function. And HP; Sharp series; laser printers inherit the gene that sells more than 2 million units a year in the Chinese market. The Huishang series is designed to provide high-speed, low-cost business support for high-quality double-sided color printing and scanning.

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