Iron Triangle released four game headsets ATH-G1, ATH-G1WL, ATH-PDG1a and ATGM2

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Recently, the Iron Triangle released four gaming headsets in one breath: ATH-G1, ATH-G1WL, ATH-PDG1a and ATGM2.
ATH-G1: 45mm neodymium magnetic coil unit, supporting up to 1300mW input, suitable for high power amplifiers to push. Comes with 2 meters long wire, gold plated plug, comes with a detachable noise reduction microphone.

ATH-G1WL: Can be regarded as the wireless version of ATH-G1, with a battery life of 15 hours. In addition, support for virtual surround technology, if you connect headphones through USB, you can provide sound field positioning for the game, play more smoothly.

ATH-PDG1a: The material is more sturdy, the main durability, using 40mm moving coil unit, the cavity is open design, the main medium and high frequency, with line control.

ATGM2: All-inclusive ear solution, detachable microphone, line control integrated with a large number of control buttons, support one-button mute.

The listing time is July 12, the price is unknown.

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