Light evolution real sleep environment: Sound Oasis launches illumy smart eye mask

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In order to quickly fall asleep, many friends who need to use jet lag will often use eye masks to help themselves. This is due to the fact that people are used to rest and sleep at night, and traditional eye masks can create a dark environment. Due to a number of factors, sometimes wearing eye masks does not allow sleep to achieve the desired results. To this end, the Sound Oasis brand, which is dedicated to bringing users a better night's sleep, has launched a smart eye mask called illumy.

The product subverts our perception of the eye mask, which simulates the light of sunrise and sunset to help users resist external disturbances, thus establishing their own normal sleep cycle, which is undoubtedly a lot of friends who feel worried about the jet lag. Reduce the pressure.
The smart eye mask called illumy is based on the premise of ensuring a comfortable wearing feeling. A pulsable sleep light is added to the inside of the smart eye mask. After the desired sleep cycle is completed by the matching app, the pulse sleep light is Start working according to the settings. When the user is going to sleep in a dark environment, the pulse light will gradually decrease the brightness until it is completely extinguished. When the set wake-up cycle comes, the pulse light will gradually light up according to the time rule of too far rise.


The sleep cycle can be set only on the companion app, and both iOS and Android have corresponding apps. Considering the carrying and carrying out, the product weighs only about 100g and can be easily carried out. Its built-in 260 mAh battery can be used for up to two weeks on a single charge, eliminating the hassle of traveling with a charger. The product is currently on sale in the US Amazon, priced at 149.99$, equivalent to 1020¥. If you often need to travel on a jet lag or have a poor sleep, try this illumy that will help you rebuild your sleep cycle.

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