Panasonic smart hanger: sterilization and odor

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Recently, Panasonic released a smart hanger, its main function is to deodorize and odor sterilization.

According to the official website, this hanger not only can eliminate the smell of clothing, but also inhibit pollen. This hanger features a patented nanoe technology that releases nanoscale negatively charged particles in the air. These particles collect moisture from the air to eliminate odors attached to the clothes.

The hangers are easy to use, hang clothes and turn on the switch. But the deodorization process is a bit long, it takes about 5 hours in normal mode, and it takes about 7 hours if you want to remove pollen. The product is equipped with a cover to ensure that the clothes can clean bacteria from the inside out.

It seems that the design is very simple, the price is 260$, listed in September this year, interested can pay attention to it.

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